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Movable Power Station & Vehicle

ISSN 1003-4250 
Organizer: lan zhou dian yuan che liang yan jiu suo zhong guo dian qi gong ye xie hui nei ran fa dian she bei fen hui  
Publisher: yi dong dian yuan yu che liang bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the internal combustion engine power plants and the only military vehicle industry with industry characteristics, set management, policy, academic in one of the very practical, comprehensive guide national publications. Purpose of the magazine is to focus on industry, to promote the results, transmission of information, exchange experiences, to actively promote China's internal combustion engine power plants and military vehicle industry the quality of the laws, regulations and industry standards to promote the implementation of vehicle, timely reports on domestic and international car industry, the latest research results, technological developments, trends, and other kinds of information. (Translated by machine.)