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Medicine World

ISSN 1008-6919 
Organizer: zhong hua yu fang yi xue hui  
Publisher: yi yao shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: "Medical World" magazine is the Ministry of Health director, organized the first Chinese Preventive Medical Association, Beijing Oriental Schindler Medical Information Center, organized the second medical science journals, founded in 1999 by the magazine Medical World Ltd Edit , publishing, distribution, is the science of medicine and health journals have a greater influence on the Brand. "Medical World" magazine uphold the "dissemination of medical science, promote healthy living," the purpose of the magazine, as medical science community to provide universal high-end mass media services. Promote healthy lifestyle magazine, crack origin of the disease, analysis of disease pathology, interpretation of the scientific content of medical and medicine, to enhance public health, medicine, hygiene, health and human life, the level of scientific understanding of the phenomenon, as readers have health, happiness and harmonious living, providing media services to medical science.  (Translated by machine.)