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Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation

ISSN 1671-7104 
Organizer: shang hai shi yi liao qi xie jian ce suo  
Publisher: zhong guo yi liao qi xie za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "China Medical Instrumentation" is by the National Science and Technology Commission, Ministry of Health, published in the official state-level domestic and international technical publications, is the first professional journal of medical devices, nearly 40 years of history. Publication by the Editorial Board of Biomedical Engineering of domestic well-known scholars, experts, ensure high academic papers and technical standards. This publication reports of medical devices and biomedical engineering, development, development, production, clinical application and regulatory aspects of Yixie new progress, and the management and maintenance and other aspects of new experiences. Publication is a biomedical engineering and medical devices in the core journals disciplines are welcome to contribute articles to express their insights. (Translated by machine.)