Acta Arachnologica Sinica 2009 Issue 2 ANew Species and a New Record of the Genus Dendrolaelaps from China (Acari, Mesostigmata,Rhodacaridae)
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Acta Arachnologica Sinica
2009 Issue 2
chen tong dao nian yin chang min jiao shou
liu ming yao
Description of Hygrolycosa ligulacea sp. nov.(Lycosidae: Hygrolycosa) from Yunnan Province,China
qu lei lei ; peng xian jin ; yin chang min
Spider Catalog of Chishui National Natural Reserve for Spinulose Tree Fern,Guizhou,China
zuo ren yong ; zhang yu fu ; zhang zhi sheng
Two New Species of the Genus Hahnia from China (Araneae: Hahniidae)
chen zuo ; yan heng mei ; yin chang min
The Biologe of Pesudoscorpions
The Study of Three Different Kinds of Methods Extract DNA from Spiders Preserved with Different Ways
lu xiao liang ; tang gui ming ; zhang hui ; zhao na na