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Journal of Anhui Agricultural University

ISSN 1672-352X 
Organizer: an hui nong ye da xue  
Publisher: an hui nong ye da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Anhui Agricultural University" for the Anhui Agricultural University, a comprehensive academic journal sponsored, core journals Science and Technology of China (CITIC are), Chinese core journals (Peking University Library) and China Journal Journal of double-effect matrix, are of international importance by 6 retrieval systems, they are: the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ), United States, "Cambridge Digest" (CSA), the UK Centre for International Agricultural and Biological Sciences Database (CABI), UK "Animals Record of "(ZR) and international agricultural literature search (AGRIS International), both by domestic Articles, the same side," Chinese Biological Abstracts, "and" Agricultural Digest "more than a dozen databases, and abstracts have been included. (Translated by machine.)