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The Journal of The American Medical Association Chinese Edition

ISSN 1000-824X 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: mei guo yi xue hui za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) as the world's most famous and most authoritative comprehensive medical journals, for the first four major medical journals. So far has been continuously published for 120 years. Original "JAMA" as weekly content has always been advanced and practical, science is strong, informative, part rich, lively choreography welcomed by health workers around the world. Circulation of its original English as much as 40 million, In addition, there are 18 different regions or languages of the overseas edition of "JAMA" published around the world, "JAMA" Chinese is one of its overseas edition. · "JAMA" Chinese version was launched in 1983, is currently bi-monthly, each 64 side, has so far published more than 20 years continuously. * Are translated from the original manuscript published in "JAMA". Each from the eight original magazine carefully selected, summarized as a "JAMA" Chinese. * A permanent part are: the original, review, consensus reports, special information, medical progress, 约翰霍普金森 large hospital rounds, clinical decisions, clinical cardiology, medical news and prospects, review, "JAMA" Chinese version of a reasonable clinical inspection, the original summary, from the FDA, from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. · "JAMA" the contents of the Chinese version of China's national conditions, with a strong practical and instructive. * Internal Medicine published the contents of the large mainly focus on human survival, health, the greatest threat of disease, clinical focus (common) problems, and medical science major achievement. * Clinical specialties for different, especially in the clinical front line physicians to read. * Often read "JAMA" Chinese, not only can keep abreast of the dynamics of international medical research, progress, and its clinical and research have greatly increased the level of help, inspiration. (Translated by machine.)