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Review of World Invention

ISSN 1003-1049 
Organizer: zhong guo zhi shi chan quan bao she  
Publisher: shi jie fa ming bian ji bu  
Description: Patent describes publications. Theory of invention, universal patent, inventions reported, recommended practical techniques, inspiring people's creative thinking. "Invention of the World" magazine is in charge by the State Intellectual Property Office, "China Intellectual Property News" She organized monthly, publishes the latest inventions at home and abroad and the domestic value of the most developed patented technology projects. Main sections: Scientific Outlook: the global science and technology to introduce you to the latest development of science and technology achievements and trends in technology are forward-looking Range Rover: to help you put the industry at home and abroad the latest inventions, latest investment in technology trends across-the window: for you selected by the State Intellectual Property Office recently approved the development in all sectors, the most valuable invention patents, and expert technical reviews with style wise: The invention and innovation process of successful people in the Entrepreneur of thought and their invention of new color wise show: to show you the latest inventions in the world of exquisite color photographs of life knowledge: interpretations of science and technology to bring you new ideas in the field of life (Translated by machine.)