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Rural Women

ISSN 1004-7522 
Organizer: zhong guo fu nv bao she  
Publisher: nong jia nv bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: always grasp the correct guidance of public opinion, the correct guidance of public opinion to the implementation of services for rural women in the practical work, publications and positioning has always closely linked to agricultural science and technology and the thinking of the liberation of the requirements of rural women, rural women spread the production , life science, economy and culture of information dissemination, as they create space and opportunities for development. ★ main audience: women over the rural junior high school. ★ title change: "Rural Women Knowing All" (original) "Rural Women" (now) ★ main forum sections: Life Edition: an exclusive report I am particularly concerned about the wonderful story of life care services to help rich version of the legal system: rich agricultural recommended Dr. Mail kinds of ideas to get rich gold farming technology capable ★ ads: Back Cover: 12,000 yuan Cover: 10,000 yuan Cover: 10,000 yuan text (full page): 8,000 yuan Tel :010 -66166591 advertising (Translated by machine.)