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ISSN 1006-6098 
Organizer: fu jian sheng chu ban zong she  
Publisher: kai fang chao za zhi she  
Description: "Open wave" is the founder of the nineties on the big government of Fujian Journal, had been "excellent journal in East China", "Top Ten Cities of China Economic Journal," the title, Fujian Province is one of the most influential journals, serve the socialist market economy. To "focus on frontier issues in Fujian, the times to grasp opportunities" for the purpose of the magazine to "independent, cutting-edge and profound, pragmatic" for the journal quality, close to the times, close to the reader, in the news, constructive, readability significant progress to a series of carefully planned and high quality articles by leading the reader's full attention and recognition as the real impact of the high-end readers, a fine journal. 2005 "open wave" will further the spirit of an open, hold high the banner of social responsibility, to build the southeast coast of China's most influential political and economic journals.  (Translated by machine.)