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Hong Kong & Macao Economy

ISSN 1000-064X 
Organizer: guang dong sheng she hui ke xue yuan gang ao yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: gang ao jing ji za zhi she  
Description: "Hong Kong and Macao economy," renamed the "new economy" magazine, founded in 1980, formerly known as revised several times since the founding years, economic theorists have been with the help of many friends. Today's "new economy" is a market-oriented financial magazines, as a land rooted in the Pearl River Delta financial media, as was the trend before the reform of China's leading financial magazine, the South, the "new economy" will not hesitate to assume the discoverer of new ideas, new values of the advocacy role. Maintain financial and economic developments have sharp antennae and enjoy the insight into the joy - the joy and the conduction of this wisdom to each reader, is the "new economy" basic orientation. Do not send empty unnecessary complaints, reports of economic phenomena and assessment, the concern on the fate of the characters and the description of the "new economy" are trying to express the most constructive comments. Concerned about the fate of the "new economy" of the fundamental pursuit. "New economy" will focus on the fate of the main line, to keep perspective at the macro, meso and micro-level scanning, through the products, companies, industries, regions, cities, countries, many economic phenomena, to our unique interpretation of emotional concerns, given the strong voices. (Translated by machine.)