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Rongbaozhai Studio

ISSN 1009-0649 
Organizer: zhong guo mei shu chu ban zong she  
Publisher: rong bao zhai bian ji bu  
Description: ★ title change: "China Seal" (the original), "Rong Bao Zhai" (now) ★ main forum section: Tianbao: Museum Art Museum Art Collection archaeological discoveries such as Art Forum: Masters of the phenomenon about the History of Art Origin of case studies and folk songs: appreciate the cultural arts and crafts exhibition of Artists Village: famous masterpiece for Artland new new world drop-Britain, and other stone: ancient India Yuxi Appreciation genre highlights such as wind appreciation and collection of masterpieces: cultural identification, collection of hot fake Secret knowledge of industrial arts scene, then Connoisseur window: Hot coverage and dynamic auction house brokerage and auction and other characters Focus: identification of family scholars, collectors, artists and other Yilin auctioneer broker Chronicle: The Artist Life Connoisseur Yilin interesting stories, and other overseas art scene: artists and works of art market and dynamic arts, etc. (Translated by machine.)