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Huatang Business Information

ISSN 1009-0800 
Organizer: he bei sheng shang ye jing ji xue hui he bei sheng shi chang qing bao zhong xin  
Publisher: hua tang shang qing bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: to non-staple food industry, sugar, wine market research, analysis, forecast-based, while the dissemination of scientific and practical marketing strategy. The Party's basic line in the premise, to integrate theory with practice, the method of problems within the industry, in factories, and consumers a bridge between the information service set up. ★ main audience: Food rum business management and business personnel; rum company's management personnel; rum at all levels of the food control authorities and industry organizations staff; food professional students and all those interested in the food industry, sugar, wine; food rum industry and the production units operating in the high-level decision-making and management. ★ title change: "Hebei Business Research" (the original) "China Sugar Business" (now) ★ main forum sections: Talk manufacturers link food marketing business journalists view the feature pages of the retail survey of alcoholic beverages beer wine grape sugar, dairy special edition feature pages of information on non-staple food seasoning blend of Partner Marketing Marketing Strategy of China sugar clinics combat zone is very menu-length market research industry observers Hot Spot City Express Dairy milk sugar market observed weekly forecast reviews Sugar City, Sugar City, tracing around the candy box sauce new online column etc. (Translated by machine.)