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Marketing China

ISSN 1008-1429 
Organizer: bei jing shang ye guan li gan bu xue yuan  
Publisher: cheng gong ying xiao bian ji bu  
Description: <Successful Marketing> publication of three characteristics: an international leading authority of professional backgrounds we come from brand positioning in China Securities Market Research Center Leadership Greater China's most professional marketing magazine target readers: core audience: the business companies policy makers, senior marketing manager; primary audience: middle and senior management companies, professional marketing managers, business area managers, terminal channels, industrial investment institutions; relevant readers: the functions of government officials and managers, management consulting research institutions (universities, research institutes) researchers, business school students; journal of wealth in the concept of marketing think-tank the direction of the Characteristics of topics: the experience of success or failure, analytical marketing model to analyze the market hot. For Chinese enterprises to provide all round view of marketing ideas, and explore the theory behind the successful marketing of cases and specific operation of the means.  (Translated by machine.)