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Health Medicine Research and Practice in Higher In

ISSN 1673-0151 
Organizer: xi nan shi fan da xue zhong guo gao xiao bao jian yi xue yan jiu hui  
Publisher: gao xiao bao jian yi xue yan jiu yu shi jian bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the journal of University Health Medical Research Council, insist on both academic research and application, correctly grasp and lead the direction of health research, medical care and timely report the latest research results, exchange of new advances in medical research care to introduce health-care practice of medicine new experience for the majority of health-care health professionals to provide a broader platform for academic exchanges. Magazine articles covering the research and for prevention and treatment, mental health, clinical medicine, sports health, nutrition and health, health education and other areas, and published in Chinese Universities Medical Research Council and the provincial health care Medical College of important meetings and information . (Translated by machine.)