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Research on Soft Science of Surveying and Mapping

ISSN 1006-9712 
Organizer: hei long jiang ce hui ju  
Publisher: ce hui ruan ke xue yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is approved by the National Science and Technology Commission and the Press and Publication Administration, the National Mapping Agency director, Heilongjiang Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for the entire industry-sponsored academic theory of publications from the National Mapping Bureau of Economics and Management Sciences Research Institute. Its purpose is to: promote the cause of the party and the state surveying and mapping principles, policies, exchange of results of scientific research and mapping software experience for mapping the cause of reform and opening up and development services. Main readers are: surveying and mapping industry leading cadres at all levels, managers, scientists, students and teachers colleges mapping, mapping of scientific research institution, research and management personnel. (Translated by machine.)