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Grass-feeding Livestock

ISSN 1003-6377 
Organizer: xin jiang xu mu ke xue yuan  
Publisher: cao shi jia xu bian ji bu  
Description: Department of Animal Science publication core journals of China, one introduces the domestic and foreign livestock grazing areas of research related to new results, new theories, new technologies, new information, production management and development on the market. Report content to cattle, sheep, goats, horses, camels, rabbits, deer and other grazing livestock breeding, propagation techniques, feeding management, feed nutrition, animal physiology, animal health, livestock products, grassland pasture, livestock disease control and economic aspects of animal husbandry research and thesis-based. Suitable for all levels engaged in livestock research, teaching and production management personnel to read. The journal is quarterly, 48 pages, published 25 March quarter, pricing 4.50 yuan, publication code 58-71. (Translated by machine.)