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Acta Seismologica Sinica

ISSN 1000-9116 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhen xue hui  
Publisher: di zhen xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: A Brief Introduction to ACTA SEISMOLOGICA SINICA (The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of China) Acta Seismologica Sinica is a comprehensive publication on seismology by the Seismological Society of China. Its Honorary Editor-in-Chief is Professor and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xin Ling QIN, Editor-in-Chief is Professor and Member of the CAS Yun Tai CHEN. The first issue of Chinese edition of the ASS was published in 1979, and that of the English edition in 1988. From 1994 both the English and Chinese editions started to publish not only one-to-one correspondence but also distributed to domestic and abroad simultaneously. From 1997, the publication period was changed from four to six issues per year. The two editions of ASS have been brought into Wanfang Digitized Journal Group and China Academy Journal Compact Disk (CAJ-CD) and China Journal Network (CJN). It is intended for those scientists and engineers, teachers and students in universities and colleges, engaged in seismology and geophysics in China and abroad. The main topics published are as follows: (1) Results of scientific and technical research in seismology as well as papers regarding geophysics, tectonics and engineering related to earthquake studies; (2) Articles presenting differences of scientific point of view in the field of seismology; (3) The present status and significant advances on research related to seismology; (4) Comments and discussions concerning seismology; (5) The recent trend of science and technology in seismology.  ASS is a very important core journal in seismology and geophysics in China. In 1992, ASS won the First Class Prize which awarded by the State Seismological Bureau of China in May, First Class Prize by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology in September, First Class Prize by Beijing Editorial Society in December, and First Class Prize by the Department of Propaganda of Central committee of Chinese Communist Party, State Science and Technology Commission of China and the Office of Press and Publication of China in December.  In 1996, ASS won again the First Class Prize which awarded by the China Seismological Bureau, Second class prize by the State Science and Technology Commission of China, and Second Class Prize in the whole nation compare and assessment of journal. In 1999, ASS won the Nomination Prize of China journal. In 2001, ASS was selected to the Chinese Journal Square Matrix , and won the Double Prize Journal of China. So far, Acta Seismologica Sinica has been included by the following important searching system, database and relating literature: 1) Engineering Index (EI) 2) Реферативны Журнел (РЖ) 3) Science Abstracts ( SA) 4) Current Bibliography of Science and Technology, Japan (CBSTJ) 5) Bibliography and Index of Geology (GeoRef) 6) Elsevier Science, Geo Abstracts 2002-04-18 (Translated by machine.)