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Geography and Geo-Information Science

ISSN 1672-0504 
Organizer: he bei sheng di li ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: di li yu di li xin xi ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication insist on facing the economic development, for research and development, and explore development of geographical science, focusing on the geography and geographic information science research and practice of new cases for the relevant departments to provide policy advice and scientific information. Including geography (geography departments, regional geography) and geographical information science two parts, the specific part are: 3S research and application, digital city and digital land, the regional economy, environment and ecology, tourism development, Sustainable Development and so on, covering the geography, geographic information science front and hot spots, focusing on reports by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, State Key Laboratory Foundation, the state scientific and technological projects and international cooperation projects of the latest research results. Audience is engaged in the work of geography and geographic information research and development staff. (Translated by machine.)