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Heavy Casting and Forging

ISSN 1004-5635 
Organizer: zhong guo zhong xing ji xie da xing zhu duan jian xing ye xie hui zhong guo di er zhong xing ji xie ji tuan gong si da xing te duan jian yan jiu suo  
Publisher: da xing zhu duan jian bian ji bu  
Description: Forging Industry magazine is the only one open publications, is the trade association journal. Our aim is to reflect the draft Office of castings and forgings manufacturing technology development, exchange of scientific research, production technology and business management experience, to promote the technology of large casting and forging industry progress. Journal reported the scope of my expertise, including steelmaking, forging, heat treatment, metal material and heat treatment, welding, machining, testing technology and management, the report focuses on the power station, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, aerospace and other specialized equipment Development of casting and forging products. Also published research institutes, universities and students in related fields of professional academic fields, as well as relevant state policies, and information. Are the factories and mines, schools, scientific research, talked to the officer's publications. Editorial Committee by the relevant tertiary institutions, research institutes and major heavy machinery technology experts consisting of leaders. (Translated by machine.)