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Journal of Fujian College of Forestry

ISSN 1001-389X 
Organizer: fu jian nong lin da xue  
Publisher: fu jian lin xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This journal is sponsored by the University Fujian Agriculture and Forestry and Forest on the comprehensive academic journals, published research reports to learn the whole Colin, academic papers, literature review, workshops and other articles, founded in 1960, domestic public offering. National Science and Technology has long been identified as the source of China SCIENTIFIC journals, Chinese Science Citation Database source journals, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, core journals of China Natural Science. The papers cited by a large number of domestic and international peers. According to the Chinese Science Citation Database published in 2001 in 2000 was cited most frequently in the China Science and Technology Journal 300 Ranking Table and 2000 the highest impact factor of the China Science and Technology Journal 300 Ranking table, "Fujian College of Forestry," the general citation for the 385, No. 75; impact factor of 0.474 7, No. 52, total citation frequency and impact factor were involved in the China Science and Technology Journal 100. (Translated by machine.)