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Humic Acid

ISSN 1671-9212 
Organizer: zhong guo fu zhi suan gong ye xie hui  
Publisher: fu zhi suan bian ji bu  
Description: "Humic acid" magazine founded in 1979, is sponsored by the National Industry Association of humic acid humic acid only professional journal, the domestic and international public offering. "Humic acid" magazine "China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" source journals, the "China Academic Journal (CD)" into the series periodical; in the "Sixth National Petroleum and Chemical Industry excellent journal selection activities" won the professional category excellent journal. The journal is open 16 International Standard, which consists of 60 pages, the main sections are: "Foreword", "Special Review", "research paper", "translation", "humic acid quality inspection", "Association (professional) standards discussion "," humic acid digest, "" Introduction to Patent humic acid "," 'two sessions' dynamic, "" information by fax, "" Green Window "and so on. "Humic acid" magazine set academic, practical, and professional in a wide-ranging, guidance and strong, informative, since founded in 1979 by more and more reader attention and praise. In 2007, the magazine section to adjust the content, the addition of new sections, to enrich the content of the magazine to increase the amount of information industry, to better serve the cause of the development of good services of humic acid!  (Translated by machine.)