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Higher Education of Sciences

ISSN 1000-4076 
Organizer: lan zhou da xue quan guo gao deng li ke jiao yu yan jiu hui  
Publisher: gao deng li ke jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: the Four Cardinal Principles, carry out the "double hundred" policy, based on national, world. Higher education in accordance with the characteristics of theory with practice in Higher Education Law of the internal relations and external relations law of Higher Education to explore issues and exchange of science education reform, new experience. Is a combination of theory and practice of academic journals. ★ main audience: the administrative department of education, educational theory workers, university teachers and students. ★ main forum sections: education thought and teaching theory, knowledge economy and science education, quality education and science education, science education system and structure of the science base, applied science personnel training, subject construction and professional reform, curriculum and teaching materials Construction, Higher Education Management and Educational Assessment, educational policies and teaching practices, Provost Forum, teacher training and team building, information dynamics and foreign higher education, a famous Chinese university science departments and the Courses and so on. ★ Call for Papers Notice: welcome to the university teachers, educators submission, specific requirements are hereby notified as follows: 1. Contributions to 5,000 words within words usually appropriate, prominent theme, innovative, and arguments clear, refined language, word accuracy, structured, the information is true, correct and indicate the source citations, please send the original copy of the translation, contributions are responsible for your own risk. 2. Contributions shall be issued with a print, with a floppy disk or e-mail, image clarity, symbols accurate. 3. Contributions asked to write 200 words or less abstract and key words together with the English translation of a topic, giving his real name, personal profile (date of birth, gender, ethnicity, job title, the main research direction, work units ) mailing address, telephone number, zip code, e-mail. 4. The Department has the right to edit contributions for deletion. 5. Who do not follow the requirements of contributors, this issue will not be accepted. Contributions not received three months notice by publication, the author self-processing. Due to limited human resources, contributions are generally not rejection, please retention papers. Welcome readers actively contribute. (Translated by machine.)