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Geology and Resources

ISSN 1671-1947 
Organizer: shen yang di zhi kuang chan yan jiu suo  
Publisher: di zhi yu zi yuan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is in charge of Land and Resources, Shenyang Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources organized by academic publications. Journal founded in 1992, its predecessor is "precious geological" To meet the development needs of the new situation, with a new round of strategic land resources survey, renamed in 2001, "Geology and resources." Publication will continue to adhere to the reader services for the purpose of the magazine of the service, tracking the leading edge issues of geology, geological survey fully reflect the latest achievements, with full coverage of domestic and international geological and resource status of the field, level, trend , for the majority engaged in geological research, production, teaching and management staff. (Translated by machine.)