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Guizhou Chemical Industry

ISSN 1008-9411 
Organizer: gui zhou chi tian hua ji tuan you xian ze ren gong si gui zhou hong fu shi ye kai fa you xian zong gong si gui zhou hong fu shi ye kai fa you xian gong si gui zhou zhong hua kai lin hua fei you xian gong si  
Publisher: gui zhou hua gong bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine that the chemical industry development services for office, domestic and international chemical industry reported new techniques, new technologies, new products, new equipment and modern management ideas and management methods, focusing on coal chemical industry publication, phosphorus and other chemicals and fine chemicals industry, scientific papers, also reported chemical-related knowledge, dynamic and economic information. Articles emphasize the novelty of the literature, advanced, practical, Piyou multiple columns, available in the chemical management, scientific research, production, design, management personnel and college students read the chemical reference. Journal self-management issue.  (Translated by machine.)