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Guangxi Sericulture

ISSN 1006-1657 
Organizer: guang xi can ye ji shu tui guang zong zhan guang xi can xue hui  
Publisher: guang xi can ye bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Guangxi Sericulture Technology Extension Station and Guangxi Institute of Silkworm, published jointly in the domestic public offering of integrated sericulture technical publications. Publication of combining popularization with the raising persist for the revitalization and development of sericulture in Guangxi services. It features the entire line of development taking into account the needs of sericulture, published in the industry policies and regulations, guidance, scientific and technological achievements, new experiences, new technology and scientific knowledge, etc., for their leadership in sericulture, science and education personnel, sericulturist of staff for reference. (Translated by machine.)