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Guangxi Communication Science & Technology

ISSN 1004-051X 
Organizer: guang xi qu jiao tong ting ke ji qing bao zhan  
Publisher: guang xi jiao tong ke ji bian ji bu  
Description: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY "," first published in January 1976, formerly known as "Guangxi Transport Science and Technology", founded initially as a small opening the size of a 16, size is 188mm × 260 mm, the only transport system for the Guangxi internal communications for the national science and technology journals. January 1979, title changed to "Communication Science." September 1989, the Guangxi Bureau of the State Press and Publication General Administration approval, publication access to the domestic unified Issues (CN 45-1119 / U); 1990 年 9 months, the international serials data system, approved by China National Center for The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1004-051X), thus becoming the only transport system in Guangxi for a formal public offering domestic and international journals, periodicals achieved a major leap in development; January 1999, revised to 210 mm × 297 mm in international standard format. Over the years, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY "," always adhere to the science and technology as support to the scientific attitude, reflect and promote the construction of the transportation sector results and new technologies, new experiences. To meet the needs of the market, but also established a quality journals, the business philosophy of service to the community, to strive for the goal of the national core journals in the journal of the binding design, topic selection and other aspects of soliciting contributions make great efforts to promote the quality of the journal, the grade take the characteristics of the Journal of the road: where the composition of pictures with the cover features the best design layout 1: January 2001, the International Calligraphy Master Chen wrote for the magazine's eye-catching title, the implication of the Chinese traditional art color layout ingenious idea to a new, simple form and aesthetic use of a number of combination of factors, constitutes a point, line, surface and exquisite pictures stately combination of the best design, in, editors and readers set up an understanding, communication bridge. 2 columns Features: ① In order to improve the academic quality of publication, the creation of experts feature articles section, focusing on hot issues, and to attach the shoulders of giants as the meeting point, invite the elite, including the Chinese Academy of Engineering, well-known colleges and universities professors or doctoral supervisor, senior experts and other authorities for their deep research and profound knowledge, foresight, maneuvers to express insights, writing articles, so that readers through our work with celebrities, experts meet to leave an unforgettable impression of the journal to expand its influence and improve the visibility of journals; ② the construction of transport projects to promote the results, open the establishment of a special section: papers together with related color pages, form a harmonious whole, illustrations, complement each other in harmony, the two complement each other, with , take the reader into the scene, the reader at a glance, like the ground, easy to empathize, to become a major highlight of publication; from time to time introduced photographic appreciation of columns in the form of pictures, focusing on domestic and foreign high-tech highway the process of building the bridge, construction of new crafts. Through these efforts, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY "," fruitful in recent years: respectively, won the Chinese Academic Journal (CD) Retrieval and Evaluation of Practice ("CAJ-CD specification") Executive Excellence Award; outstanding achievements third Guangxi Science and Technology Information ; Guangxi honor outstanding scientific and technical journals. 2002 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY "," China has also become a source of scientific papers statistics journals, and through China Book Trading Corporation will release the tentacles extend to a foreign country. We will continue to explore, effort, also hope the relevant departments, sectors and social readers of the guidance, support, help, our goal is to do more characteristic features publications, publications of unique skills to find the true, dedicated to the unique charm readers. (Translated by machine.)