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Guangxi Sciences

ISSN 1005-9164 
Organizer: guang xi ke xue yuan guang xi zhuang zu zi zhi qu ke xue ji shu xie hui  
Publisher: guang xi ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: Is a publication by the Guangxi Science and Technology Department, Education Department of Guangxi, Guangxi, Guangxi Academy of Science and Technology Association and co-sponsored in 1994 a comprehensive natural science academic journals. According to relevant provisions of the 2001 "Guangxi Science" magazine changed from the Guangxi Academy of Sciences and the Association of Science and Technology of Guangxi, Guangxi Science and Technology Agency and the Education Department of Guangxi co. The purpose of the magazine is to uphold the party's "one center, two basic points" of the basic line, adhere to the "Hundred Flowers" approach, an active theory of natural science research, promote scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, science and technology prosperous Guangxi to promote scientific and technological achievements in Guangxi exchanges at home and abroad. Publishes content: in all areas of the Guangxi Natural Science with high academic value and importance of academic research laboratory report, on behalf of Guangxi, the advanced level of creative scientific research results, new theories, new discoveries and the application of high-tech basic theory, technological transformation and the "Spark" the new achievements of the project, technology policy, academic trends, information briefings; but also domestic and foreign experts and scholars published in scientific and technological research results. Since founded, "Guangxi Science" magazine in 1994 and 1996, finished second twice and third prize in Guangxi excellent journal. 2001 "Guangxi Science" magazine honored to enter the Chinese periodicals matrix, and get the fourth Guangxi "Top Ten Technology Journal" title. (Translated by machine.)