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GX Water Resources & Hydropower Engineering

ISSN 1003-1510 
Organizer: guang xi shui li dian li kan ce she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: guang xi shui li shui dian bian ji bu  
Description: This publication content: Water Resources and Hydropower Construction principles, policies, water resources development, utilization and protection, flood control and drought, beach development, water economy, comprehensive management, environmental water, local power, water conservancy and Hydropower Planning, research, survey and design, construction and other aspects of new technology, new achievements, lessons learned, water Chronicles, staff education, water and other foreign countries. This publication Water for scientific and technical personnel on the front, the management of cadres and the general production of the first line of Water Resources and Hydropower workers, to the National Water Resources and Water Department workers conduct academic exchanges, exchange of information. (Translated by machine.)