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Guangxi Plant Protection

ISSN 1003-8779 
Organizer: guang xi zhi bao zong zhan ; guang xi kun chong xue hui ; guang xi zhi bao xue hui ; guang xi zhi bing xue hui  
Publisher: guang xi zhi bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reports Plant Protection, technology promotion of the new results, reflecting the Guangxi Forestry grass pest dynamics and distribution of the occurrence of rodents, introduced food, cash crops, fruit trees, trees, flowers and other plant pest control techniques and experience as the main content , with investigation and research, production consultants, etc. Summary of the Review section. Not only for agricultural research institutions, agricultural extension and plant protection departments at all levels of professionals, but also for production, pesticide operators, grassroots cadres and farmers in rural areas of Guangxi friends to read. (Translated by machine.)