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Guizhou Geology

ISSN 1000-5943 
Organizer: gui zhou sheng di zhi diao cha yuan gui zhou sheng di zhi xue hui  
Publisher: gui zhou di zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1984, domestic public offering, quarterly. Articles adhere Hundred Flowers policy of Guizhou Province and its adjacent areas to reflect the field of scientific and technological achievements and scientific and technological progress, promoting innovation and development of earth sciences, universal and improve advanced technology, promote development and utilization of resources exploration and protection of geological environment and governance, and to accelerate the exploration of Earth Sciences, Guizhou, the modernization of technology, training to learn new and dedicated service. This publication contains the province and its adjacent area to the edge of science and related disciplines, new achievements, and to readers at home and abroad to learn new progress and new developments. (Translated by machine.)