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Guanzi Journal

ISSN 1002-3828 
Organizer: qi wen hua yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: guan zi xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a comprehensive study of Qi culture and Chinese traditional culture of academic publications. For the purpose of the Four Cardinal Principles, carry out the "double hundred" policy, to "pipe" and the whole culture of research and study of Qi, critically inherit the fine cultural heritage. Publication will be interested in a wide range of domestic and international unity, "pipe" and Qi culture experts, scholars, academics cultivate new, inherited the legacy Jixia contending, to promote academic freedom, scientific approach to seeking truth from facts for academic research, from the national study, philology, paleography, archeology and other point of view, discuss all aspects of Qi culture and its relationship with other regional culture and traditional culture in China, the status and role, for the prosperity and social sciences and dedicated service. (Translated by machine.)