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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Haerbin Medical Journal ISSN:1001-8131 Haihe Water Resources ISSN:1004-7328
Hainan Finance ISSN:1003-9031 Hainan Medical Journal ISSN:1003-6350
Hainan Today ISSN:1008-5319 Haisting and Conveying Machinery ISSN:1001-0785
Hangzhou Chemical Industry ISSN:1007-2217 HANGZHOU SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ISSN:1004-2652
Hanzhong Science & Technology ISSN:1817-7557 Hardware Science and Technology ISSN:1001-1587
Harnessing the Huaihe River ISSN:1001-9243 HE BIAOZHUN JILIANG YU ZHILIANG ISSN:1673-453X
Health ISSN:1002-297X Health & Beauty ISSN:1007-3671
Health & Life ISSN:1005-5371 Health Care Today ISSN:1671-0223
Health Digest ISSN:1004-2393 Health Economics Research ISSN:1004-7778
Health Education and Health Promotion ISSN:1673-6192 Health for Everybody ISSN:1004-597/X
Health for Everybody(The Medicine Leads The Publication) ISSN:1004-597X Health Guide ISSN:1006-9038
Health Guide ISSN:1002-7270 Health Life ISSN:1005-6645
Health Life ISSN:1671-0061 Health Magazine ISSN:1672-3783
Health Medicine Research and Practice in Higher In ISSN:1673-0151 Health Medicine Research and Practice in Higher Institutions ISSN:1673-873X
Health Preserving ISSN:1671-1734 Health Review ISSN:1006-415X
Health Vocational Education ISSN:1671-1246 Health Way ISSN:1671-8801
Health World ISSN:1002-431X Health World ISSN:1005-4596
Healthy Atmosphere ISSN:1007-9602 Heat Treatment ISSN:1008-1690
Heat Treatment of Metals ISSN:0254-6051 Heat Treatment Technology and Equipment ISSN:1673-4971
Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning ISSN:1002-8501 Heavenly Wind ISSN:1006-1274
Heavy Casting and Forging ISSN:1004-5635 Heavy Machinery ISSN:1001-196X
Heavy Machinery Science and Technology ISSN:1008-1240 Heavy Truck ISSN:1007-211X
Hebei Academic Journal ISSN:1003-7071 Hebei Accounting ISSN:1003-0131
Hebei Adult Education ISSN:1003-7039 Hebei Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:1003-6288
Hebei Audit ISSN:1006-5393 Hebei Chemical Engineering and Industry ISSN:1003-5059
Hebei Coal ISSN:1007-1083 Hebei Education ISSN:1004-6208
Hebei Education ISSN:1004-6208 Hebei Electric Power ISSN:1001-9898
Hebei Farm Machinery ISSN:1002-1655 Hebei Finance ISSN:1006-6373
Hebei Fisheries ISSN:1004-6755 Hebei Fruits ISSN:1006-9402
Hebei Journal of Forestry and Orchard Research ISSN:1007-4961 Hebei Journal of Industrial Science & Technology ISSN:1008-1534
Hebei Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1002-2619 Hebei Law Science ISSN:1002-3933
HEBEI LIKE JIAOXUE YANJIU ISSN:1005-9741 Hebei Medical Journal ISSN:1002-7386
Hebei Medicine ISSN:1006-6233 Hebei Metallurgy ISSN:1006-5008
Hebei party ISSN:1671-1203 Hebei Pictorial ISSN:1003-8094
Hebei Sci-Tech Library Journal ISSN:1006-9925 Hebei Self-Taught Examinations ISSN:1003-580X
Hebei Shuili ISSN:1004-7700 HEBEI XUMU SHOUYI ISSN:
Heihe Education ISSN:1002-1647 Heihe Journal ISSN:1009-3036
Heihe Science and Technology ISSN:1008-6331 Heilongji Finance Accounting ISSN:1002-2449
Heilongjiang Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1002-2767 Heilongjiang Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1004-7034
Heilongjiang Archives ISSN: Heilongjiang Education ISSN:1002-4107
Heilongjiang Education ISSN:1002-4107 Heilongjiang Education ISSN:1002-4107
Heilongjiang Education(Higher Educational Research and Evaluation) ISSN:1002-4107 Heilongjiang Electric Power ISSN:1002-1663
Heilongjiang Environmental Journal ISSN: Heilongjiang Finance ISSN:1001-0432
Heilongjiang Fisheries ISSN: Heilongjiang Foreign Economic Relations & Trade ISSN:1002-2880
Heilongjiang Journal of Animal Reproduction ISSN:1005-2739 Heilongjiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medici ISSN:1000-9906
Heilongjiang Medical Journal ISSN:1004-5775 Heilongjiang Medicine And Pharmacy ISSN:1008-0104
Heilongjiang Medicine Journal ISSN:1006-2882 Heilongjiang Meteorology ISSN:1002-252X
Heilongjiang National Series ISSN:1004-4922 Heilongjiang Pulp & Paper ISSN:1673-0283
Heilongjiang Researches on Higher Education ISSN:1003-2614 Heilongjiang Science and Technology Information ISSN:1673-1328
Heilongjiang Science and Technology of Water Conservancy ISSN:1007-7596 HEILONGJIANG SHIZHI ISSN:1004-020X
Heilongjiang Social Sciences ISSN:1007-4937 HEILONGJIANG YEJIN ISSN:
Helicpter Technique ISSN:1673-1220 Helongjiang land and Resources ISSN:1672-2736
Henan Building Materials ISSN:1008-9772 Henan Chemical Industry ISSN:1003-3467
Henan Geology ISSN:1006-320X HENAN JIAOYU ISSN:1003-2223
HENAN JIAOYU ISSN:1003-2223 Henan Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary M ISSN:1004-5090
Henan Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1004-5090 Henan Journal of Preventive Medicine ISSN:1006-8414
Henan Journal of Surgery ISSN:1007-8991 HENAN KEJI ISSN:1003-5168
Henan Medical Research ISSN:1004-437X Henan Metallurgy ISSN:1006-3129
HENAN NONGYE ISSN:1006-950X Henan Sciences ISSN:1004-3918
HENAN SHUICHAN ISSN: Henan Social Sciences ISSN:1007-905X
Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1003-5028 Henan Water Resources & South-to-North Water Diversion ISSN:1673-8853
Henan Yearbook ISSN:1006-107X Herald of Medicine ISSN:1004-0781
Hereditas ISSN:0253-9772 High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics ISSN:0254-3052
High Fidelity ISSN:1006-0839 High Power Laser and Particle Beams ISSN:1001-4322
High School Mathematics Teaching ISSN:1002-4123 High Technology Letters ISSN:1006-6748
High Voltage Apparatus ISSN:1001-1609 High Voltage Engineering ISSN:1003-6520
Higher Agricultural Education ISSN:1002-1981 Higher Education ISSN:1001-2834
Higher Education Development and Evaluation ISSN:1672-8742 Higher Education Exploration ISSN:
Higher Education Forum ISSN:1671-9719 Higher Education in Chemical Engineering ISSN:1000-6168
Higher Education of Sciences ISSN:1000-4076 Higher Education Research & Evatuation ISSN:1673-7164
Higher Educational Research In Areas of Communicat ISSN:1004-6585 Higher Vocational Education-Journal of Tianjin Professional College ISSN:1008-8415
High-School Mathematics ISSN:1005-6416 High-Technology & Industrialization ISSN:1006-222X
Highway ISSN:0451-0712 Highway Engineering ISSN:1674-0610
Highways & Automotive Applications ISSN:1671-2668 Highways & Transportation in Inner Mongolia ISSN:1005-0574
Hippophae ISSN:1003-8809 Historical Archives ISSN:1001-7755
Historical Materials of New Culture ISSN:1007-3744 Historical Materials of New Literature ISSN:0257-5647
Historical Research ISSN:0459-1909 Historical Review ISSN:1007-1873
Historiography Quarterly ISSN:1004-0013 Historiography Research in Anhui ISSN:1005-605X
History Learning ISSN:1005-3816 History of C.P.C,Sichuan ISSN:1003-9260
History of Chinese Philosophy ISSN:1005-0396 History of Ming and Qing dynasties ISSN:1007-0583
History Teaching ISSN:0457-6241 History Teaching in Middle School ISSN:1002-2198
History Teaching in Middle Schools ISSN:1009-3435 History Teaching Issue ISSN:1006-5636
Hi-Tech Fiber & Application ISSN:1007-9815 Home & science ISSN:1009-900X
Home Medicine ISSN:1671-4954 Home Theater ISSN:1008-0945
HomePC World ISSN:1009-0428 Honesty Outlook ISSN:1671-8690
Hong Kong & Macao Economy ISSN:1000-064X Hong Kong and Macao Economic Yearbook ISSN:1009-8089
Hongdu Science and Technology ISSN:1005-7420 HONGLINGJIN,A ISSN:1005-3514
HONGLINGJIN,B ISSN:1005-3514 Hongshui River ISSN:1001-408X
Hope Monthly ISSN:1007-3442 Hospital Administration Journal of Chinese People’s Liberation Army ISSN:1008-9985
HOSPITAL DIRECTORS' FORUM ISSN:1673-1700 Hospital Management Forum ISSN:1671-9069
Hot Working Technology ISSN:1001-3814 Hotel ISSN:1672-1608
Hotel Modernization ISSN:1672-4399 House Book ISSN:1007-0222
Household Applian ISSN:1002-5626 Household Applian ISSN:1002-5626
Household Appliance Technology ISSN:1672-0172 housing & real estate ISSN:1006-6012
Housing Industry ISSN:1672-9013 Housing Science ISSN:1002-0454
How to Write Chinese Characters ISSN:1006-5288 Huabei Finance ISSN:1007-4392
Huang Pu ISSN:1002-7289 HUANGHE WENXUE ISSN:1006-0219
HUAPAO KEJI YU SHICHANG ISSN: Huatang Business Information ISSN:1009-0800
Huatong Technology ISSN:1682-1314 Huaxia Archaeology ISSN:1001-9928
Hua-xia Medicine ISSN:1818-0086 Huazhang ISSN:1009-5489
Huazhong Architecture ISSN:1003-739X Hubei Agricultural Sciences ISSN:0439-8114
Hubei Archives ISSN:1003-8167 Hubei Automobile ISSN:1003-4900
Hubei economy ISSN:1008-0279 Hubei Education ISSN:1003-4390
Hubei Education ISSN:1003-4390 Hubei Electric Power ISSN:
Hubei Electric Power ISSN:1006-3986 Hubei Finance & Taxation ISSN:1004-6259
Hubei Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1004-3020 Hubei Institute of fine Arts Journal ISSN:1009-4016
Hubei Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences ISSN:1007-273X Hubei Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1000-0704
Hubei Laboratory for Middle and Primary School ISSN:1007-6565 HUBEI NONGJIHUA ISSN:1009-1440
Hubei Plant Protection ISSN:1005-6114 Hubei Social Sciences ISSN:1003-8477
Hubei Water Power ISSN:1671-3354 HUBEI ZAOZHI ISSN:1006-9631
Hui Literature ISSN:1000-4297 Human Geography ISSN:1003-2398
Human Resource Development of China ISSN:1004-4124 Human Resource Management ISSN:1004-3063
Human Resources ISSN:1672-1632 Human Rights ISSN:1009-6442
Human Rights ISSN:1671-4016 Human Settlements ISSN:1004-6658
Human Society ISSN:1008-5025 Humanities & Social Sciences Journal of Hainan University ISSN:1004-1710
Human-Nature Science Studies ISSN:1006-9062 Humen Capital ISSN:1672-8297
Humic Acid ISSN:1671-9212 Hunan Agricultural Machinery ISSN:1007-8320
Hunan Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1006-060X Hunan Agriculture ISSN:1005-362X
Hunan Communication Science and Technology ISSN:1008-844X Hunan Economy ISSN:1004-2741
Hunan Education ISSN:1000-7644 Hunan Education ISSN:1000-7644
Hunan Education ISSN:1000-7644 Hunan Education ISSN:1000-7644
Hunan Electric Power ISSN:1008-0198 Hunan Food ISSN:1009-3400
Hunan Forestry Science & Technology ISSN:1003-5710 Hunan Geology ISSN:1001-4756
Hunan Hydro & Power ISSN:1006-9046 Hunan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1003-7705
Hunan Modern Road Transportation ISSN:1672-2183 Hunan Nonferrous Metals ISSN:1003-5540
Hunan Packaging ISSN:1671-4997 Hunan Papermaking ISSN:1672-3066
HUNAN SILIAO ISSN:1673-7539 Hunan Social Sciences ISSN:1009-5675
Hundred Schools In Arts ISSN:1003-9104 Hundred Year Tide ISSN:1007-4295
Hunyu Friends ISSN:1003-4838 Huuan Journal of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1006-4907
Huxiang Forum ISSN:1004-3160 Hybrid Rice ISSN:1005-3956
Hydraulic Coal Mining & Pipeline Transportation ISSN:1006-0898 Hydraulic Science and Technology ISSN:1002-3011
Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals ISSN:1008-0813 Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology ISSN:1000-3665
Hydrographic Surveying and Charting ISSN:1671-3044 Hydrology ISSN:1000-0852
Hydrometallurgy of China ISSN:1009-2617 Hydropower Automation and Dam Monitoring ISSN:1671-3893
Hydro-Science and Engineering ISSN:1009-640X