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Resources Environment & Engineering

ISSN 1671-1211 
Organizer: hu bei sheng di zhi xue hui chang jiang shui li wei yuan hui chang jiang kan ce gui hua she ji yan jiu yuan zhong guo ye jin di zhi kan cha gong cheng zong ju zhong nan ju hu bei sheng di zhi ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zi yuan huan jing yu gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: Is a publication to focus resources, environment and engineering, to promote the geological survey, engineering survey and development of mission-oriented primary production, scientific research units, Journal of Earth Sciences, Integrated Science and Technology (bimonthly). "Resources, Environment and Engineering," published in Hubei Province to learn the major and the edge of the related disciplines of research papers and in the province of Hubei to the academic and domestic academic achievements, but also reported outside the province, foreign scholars to the mining industry in Hubei research. Welcome to inside and outside of the province to provide basic geological research, environmental protection, geological disaster prevention, resource management and land mines economy, tourism geological, agricultural geology, geotechnical engineering and exploration, mineral exploitation, mining, new theories, new technologies, new processes and new methods, the paper. (Translated by machine.)