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Hebei Fruits

ISSN 1006-9402 
Organizer: he bei sheng guo shu xue hui  
Publisher: he bei guo shu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal issue has a long history, is the fruit sector is one of the more influential the important journals, the earliest predecessor was the "fruit science and technology information", founded in 1972, 1978, changed its name to "Fruit Science and Technology" magazine in 1989 named , 1995, at home and abroad by the State Press and Publication Administration approved the public offering. International Standard Serial Number: ISSI1001-9402, readable, informative, user-friendly, beautifully printed, large circulation and coverage. Purpose of the magazine are: dissemination of fruit trees new achievements, new technologies for fruit production and research services. This publication published in deciduous fruit tree cultivars, cultivation and management, pest control, storage and processing side of the main new results, new technologies, new knowledge and new information, the creation of columns are: special paper, experimental research, experience sharing, the garden , work experience, advertising and information, comprehensive, informative, operational, welcomed by readers. Articles urgent production needs, the need to farmers, the majority of users will always be the sincere friends. Welcome people with lofty ideals subscribe, Cigao, advertising. (Translated by machine.)