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Hebei Sci-Tech Library Journal

ISSN 1006-9925 
Organizer: he bei sheng gao deng xue xiao tu shu qing bao gong zuo wei yuan hui  
Publisher: he bei ke ji tu yuan bian ji bu  
Description: The publication work of the Committee of Hebei College Library sponsored intelligence theory and practical application of combining aspects of library and information professional publications. Domestic and international public offering, based in Hebei, the country, extra-territorial communication. Its efforts to promote science, information science, information science research and academic exchanges, and actively promote, implement the Party and the national science and technology policies and laws and regulations. Popularization and improvement of the contents of both, for the majority of library workers, information workers, information management and care of the professional development of teachers and students of all walks of life to read reference.  (Translated by machine.)