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Hebei Farm Machinery

ISSN 1002-1655 
Organizer: he bei sheng nong ye ji xie hua yan jiu suo he bei sheng nong ji xue hui  
Publisher: he bei nong ji bian ji bu  
Description: The journal is sponsored by the Hebei Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of agricultural science magazine, has been awarded national, Hebei Province in North China and an excellent journal, in 2002 won the "National Journal Award for the second hundred key journals." Her to serve rural areas, services for the purpose of the magazine of farmers, to the readers to inform national policies on Agricultural Mechanization, introduced a variety of farm machinery in the proper use, safe operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of knowledge, recommended a variety of new agricultural machinery, livestock machinery, feed machinery, processing machinery, engineering machinery and new small and medium sized technology, dissemination of information on rural prosperity, the vast number of agricultural management and machine hand tube well, with good agricultural mentor, is a good staff to help farmers get rich. (Translated by machine.)