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ISSN 1673-453X 
Organizer: he gong ye biao zhun hua yan jiu suo  
Publisher: he biao zhun ji liang yu zhi liang bian ji bu  
Description: "Nuclear Standard Measurement and Quality" magazine is a director of China National Nuclear Corporation, Nuclear Industry Standardization Institute sponsored a comprehensive technical journal, is a company with the State Press and Publication issued by the CN number, official publications released to the public. Journals are a number of large libraries, information centers, and included in the collection "China Academic Journal (CD)." Founded in 1987 to date, "Nuclear Standard Measurement and Quality" has always followed the purpose of the magazine, to promote the development of the industry and promote the work of nuclear standards and quality measurement plays an important role. National Defense Magazine an excellent journal won the third prize by the readers. "Nuclear Standard Measurement and Quality" is published policies and Industry for National Defense of China National Nuclear Corporation, the only announced the new award specified, revised, repealed the nuclear industry standards and enterprise standards for the record catalog of publications. (Translated by machine.)