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Heilongjiang Electric Power

ISSN 1002-1663 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng dian ji gong cheng xue hui hei long jiang sheng dian li ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: hei long jiang dian li bian ji bu  
Description: Publication formerly known as "Heilongjiang Electric Power" is the power system at home and abroad in Heilongjiang Province, the only comprehensive public offering of Power Technology Journal, founded in November 1979, by the head of Electric Power Industry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province and Heilongjiang Electric Power Engineering Society Institute co-sponsored. Journal publication adhere to the correct approach to the revitalization of Heilongjiang Electric Power mission, closely around the center of power system in our province, the focus of development for the power industry, hot and difficult to report the technical achievements and latest trends in domestic and international power development mainly adhere to the guidance, practical and technical characteristics of the organic unity of the Journal for the power industry in Heilongjiang Province and healthy development of scientific and technological progress has made a positive contribution. Repeatedly been rated as excellent journal, widely acclaimed by the community. (Translated by machine.)