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Geology and Mineral Resources of South China

ISSN 1007-3701 
Organizer: yi chang di zhi kuang chan yan jiu suo  
Publisher: hua nan di zhi yu kuang chan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication in 1996, a period approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, "Geology and Mineral Resources of foreign granite" changed its name from. Yichang Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources for the Ministry of Land and a comprehensive geo-sponsored academic journal, the domestic and international public offerings, publication based in South China, and the country. Publications for national economic construction, to report scientific research, production of the latest achievements and promote exchange of academic and scientific information and to learn of the prosperity and development, personnel training services for the four modernizations in China for the purpose of socialism. Publication adhere to the Party's basic line, principles advocated double hundred. (Translated by machine.)