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Agricultural Science & Technology

ISSN 1009-4229 
Organizer: hu nan sheng nong ye ke xue yuan  
Publisher: nong ye ke xue yu ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Hunan Agricultural Science & Technology Newsletter ("Hunan Agricultural Science and Technology") is currently the only one sponsored by the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Journal of the English general, is the only technology magazine more than ten kinds of foreign language edition. Advantage of the unique window of the magazine, was in September 1999 by the National Science and Technology and the State Press and Publication Administration formally approved the public offering to domestic and foreign. Hunan Agricultural Science & Technology Newsletter sponsored by the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yuan technology Co., Ltd. jointly. Has more than 100 countries and regions, education and promotion of agricultural research institutions, the strength of the agriculture-related agencies and international agricultural organizations known long-term, stable and friendly relationship between the exchange of information; publication in the international arena, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region received a good reputation, this issue has been the authority of the international search tools CAB Abstracts Agriculture, the United States AGRICOLA, Biological Abstracts BIOSIS United States and domestic three databases: VIP, China Journal Net Articles and text included. Published articles have repeatedly by the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) APO Newsletter, Asia Pacific Association for the kinds of Asian Seed & Planting Material extracted or reproduced, etc., promotional products such as pepper in Hunan Hunan Institute series and has been known in the world Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe to try to grow more than 10 countries and promote success. Publication designed to showcase our technology to overseas strength and personnel, setting up a bridge to the international market for Chinese agriculture to create more opportunities for the world stage. Publication will be based in Hunan, and the country, focusing on promotion of domestic advanced agricultural science and technology, research and products; reports the latest national agricultural research progress; describes characteristics of domestic resources, agricultural production and economic development, and Hunan and the international academic exchanges and trade in agricultural situations. Articles with monographs, academic review, research and presentation. Garden varieties, experts files, newsletters and other columns, set academic, news, practical service in one, rich in content, style and fresh, illustrated. The Journal is a quarterly publication end of the quarter, International Standard 16 format, 24 pages, laser illumination, color coated paper. The domestic price of 10 yuan per copy, the annual four 40 yuan (including postage), self-management issue. Warmly welcome domestic and international agricultural research institutes, universities, agriculture-related enterprises and other units and individuals to subscribe to, submission and advertising. With the publication of the development and growth, "Hunan Agricultural Science and Technology" English Journal has been approved by the State Information Agency, will be officially renamed in 2004 as the "Agricultural Science and Technology," English Journal. (Translated by machine.)