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Henan Medical Research

ISSN 1004-437X 
Organizer: he nan sheng yi xue ke xue yuan  
Publisher: he nan yi xue yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: This publication contains medical and health research results in Henan Province (including new technologies, new treatments, new experiences, etc.) of the original papers and scholarly treatises, scientific laws, scientific management and intellectual property discussion, research dissemination and transformation of the theory and practical experience of medical research at home and abroad such as dynamic and academic progress. Edited by the Eighth, Ninth National People's Congress, Henan Province, Vice Chairman, Chinese Medical Association, vice president of the governing cum Henan Branch, Henan Academy of Medical Sciences Dean Professor Zhang Guangxing as, the medical profession than a dozen well-known scholars both inside and outside of any code Committee. Since founded in 1992 in the political, academic, editing, publishing and other areas with high standards and strict requirements, has won recognition and praise from all sectors, have been a number of authoritative journal abstracts journal search, the database contains, by domestic medical books Museum, medical colleges, scientific research departments and medical intelligence collection. (Translated by machine.)