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Research & Application of Building Materials

ISSN 1009-9441 
Organizer: shan xi zong he zhi ye ji shu xue yuan  
Publisher: jian cai ji shu yu ying yong bian ji bu  
Description: The publication is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology Press and Publication Administration and the public offering of domestic and international building materials journal, is "China Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD)", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Articles Data - Digital Periodicals "Indexed full text journals. Main construction materials and other professional fields at home and abroad reported the progress and trends, describes the building materials industry of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, communication production technology and management experience. Covering cement, glass, building and sanitary ceramics, refractories, new building materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, and other professional fields. With policies and regulations, experimental research, review, production technology, automatic control, construction technology, detection technology, study, comprehensive information and other columns. (Translated by machine.)