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Research and Practice on Chinese Medicines

ISSN 1673-6427 
Organizer: an hui sheng zhong yi yao gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao zhong hua zhong yi yao xue hui zhong yao jian ding wei yuan hui  
Publisher: xian dai zhong yao yan jiu yu shi jian bian ji bu  
Description: Is a publication based in order to promote, improve, supplemented by the Chinese academic journals. By the director of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine National Vocational and Technical Education, Vocational College of Anhui organized. Articles published in specialized medicine used to guide grass-roots work in the new experience, new technology, new methods, with innovative, practical and popular features. For all levels of hospital pharmacy, the pharmacy, medicine companies, medical institutions, research departments of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute for Drug Control and the staff of reference (Translated by machine.)