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Researcb on Economics and Management

ISSN 1000-7636 
Organizer: shou du jing ji mao yi da xue  
Publisher: jing ji yu guan li yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Economics and Management" magazine is composed of the Capital University of Economics, China Economic Research and Development Promotion Association Chukan. Magazine was founded in 1980, founded the first of China's reform and opening up, and very influential in the country's economic management theory publications. Since 1992, the magazine has been assessed to the national economy continuously core journals; 1998 won the first title of National Outstanding Economic Journal, Beijing 2002, was named Outstanding Social Sciences Journal; the Beijing Municipal Government in 2004 was awarded the first Outstanding Publication in Beijing Heritage Awards; May 2006, again won the title of the National Social Science Journal hundred. Twenty years, "Economic and Management" magazine published a considerable number of masterpieces of high academic standards and high quality dissemination of the theory of economic management innovation and the fresh experience of practical work-related, and to apply, ideological, cutting-edge of the unique style has won wide range of community recognition. January 2006, "Economic and Management Research," Journal of a new revision, the revised magazines, adhere to the application, ideological, and cutting-edge journal as a guide, the new addition of the relevant section. Present the magazine set up a publication, feature forums, theoretical front, views contend, scholars point of view, international perspective, Journal names to column (economic management), famous referrals (Economic Management) and other columns. Section describes the various views for the scholars, practitioners provide a broad platform for lessons. April 2006, "Economic and Management" hosted by the Editorial Department Capital University of Economics and Rural Development Research Center of State Council, sponsored by Ministry of Construction of New Socialist Countryside Forum. At the forum, the country one hundred experts, scholars, government officials gathered to discuss a new socialist countryside construction mode, the vision for the practice of the CPC Central Committee made a great contribution to the strategic task force. Looking to the future, "Economic and Management" magazine will adhere to the rigorous, practical, original principles, pay close attention to China's economic development and management of innovative new trends, high-quality scholarly articles published; the same time we will hold the hot topic forums, inviting party expert maneuvers. New century, new image, "Economic and Management" magazine of all my colleagues and all people of insight to work together, work, and actively work together to promote China's economic development and promote China's reform and opening up! (Translated by machine.)