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Geoinformation of Jiangsu

ISSN 1671-993X 
Organizer: jiang su sheng guo tu zi yuan ting  
Publisher: jiang su guo tu zi yuan bian ji bu  
Description: Based in Jiangsu, and the country, adhere to economic construction, utility services for the management of land resources, and basic services, and strive to promote land and resources journal accomplishing national conditions, national policy, law of the land, convey the decree, discuss issues, exchange experiences an important carrier , accomplishing financial theory, practice, guidance, and readability in one of the leading publications, readers do not live up to the hope and love. "Geoinformation" to the province and the nation's land and resources management system, energy, land, geological and other scientific institutions, managers, workers for the main audience. Columns are frontispiece Message, the current feature articles, resources, forums, land mine policy, science and technology of the windows, blend of experience, legal corner, approached the grass roots, rock hills, Information Collection, pictures, news and non-permanent part of extraterritorial reference, civilization, character style, the earth BUILDING, read between the other series. (Translated by machine.)