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Higher Education Development and Evaluation

ISSN 1672-8742 
Organizer: wu han li gong da xue zhong guo jiao tong jiao yu yan jiu hui gao jiao fen hui  
Publisher: gao jiao fa zhan yu ping gu za zhi she  
Description: "Higher Education Development and Evaluation," Journal of Higher Education Evaluation of China's first class academic journals. Head of Education, Wuhan University of Technology and Higher Education Research Institute of Transport Branch co-sponsored. The purpose of the magazine is to disseminate research results of outstanding higher education to explore the domestic and international educational theory and practice of assessment for the development and prosperity of the cause of higher education research, and gradually establish and improve the quality of higher education evaluation system with Chinese characteristics and services. Publication will be Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, guidance, advocacy Hundred Flowers's academic policy journal, focusing on the innovation of higher education research, academic and practical. (Translated by machine.)