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Grain Science and Technology and Economy

ISSN 1007-1458 
Organizer: hu nan sheng liang shi jing ji ke ji xue hui zhong zhu liang guan li zong gong si hu nan fen gong si  
Publisher: liang shi ke ji yu jing ji bian ji bu  
Description: A financial publication is the only natural and social science as an integrated food publications. Adhere to the great food, great flow, the concept of running a large market; for the food industry and related policy-makers, theoretical and practical workers a platform for technology and economic research for food production (processing), operators, consumer credit services; to study the Grain Market reforms, the strategic reorganization of state-owned grain enterprises, focusing on the grain market system; to grain and oil, food, feed processing and storage industry, technological innovation, marketing, business management as the main content; set science, innovation, guidance and predictability in one. (Translated by machine.)