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Grain Distribution Technology

ISSN 1007-3582 
Organizer: guo jia liang shi chu bei ju zheng zhou ke xue yan jiu she ji yuan  
Publisher: liang shi liu tong ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the director of the State Grain Administration, the State Scientific Research Institute of Zhengzhou Grain Reserve sponsored the only theme of the grain circulation of scientific technical journals, is the food distribution industry, national best-known publications. Since the 95 years since founding, and won praise from readers and colleagues and praise. Has covered all over the country and medium-sized grain storage, refineries, flour mills and feed mills, readers get the support of friends around the country, recognition and love. Journal of rich and detailed, innovative and practical; printed beautifully illustrated, is a friend readers to learn, exchange, collection of the ideal media. (Translated by machine.)