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Goal Quality and Technology

ISSN 1007-7677 
Organizer: mei tan ke xue yan jiu zong yuan bei jing mei hua gong yan jiu fen yuan  
Publisher: mei zhi ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reports: quality management of coal mines producing coal, ash reduction, precipitation measures and experience of: coal, power plants, coking plants and fuel (coal, coal, construction) the company's washing, screening and processing, product structure optimization, coal blending increase with the improving quality and efficiency of technical means: coal processing and utilization of quality requirements and Countermeasures: the effective use of mining low-grade coal: storage, transportation and marketing of coal management and quality testing methods and market analysis: Construction and Management of Coal Field : Coal laboratory work experience: the new standards issued by the various coal: analysis and new methods and equipment: and related meetings with the above report and the policies and regulations. Sinorama "clean coal technology" column, reported the latest progress and development at home and abroad, to change the mining and coal use in the coal industry, environmental pollution and guidance to carry out a variety of business to provide new information. (Translated by machine.)