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Ren Da Jian She

ISSN 1009-6671 
Organizer: he nan sheng ren da chang wei hui ban gong ting  
Publisher: ren da jian she bian ji bu  
Description: "National People's Congress building" magazine is sponsored by the Standing Committee of Henan Province of democracy, rule of law, economic, social comprehensive news monthly. October 1992 public offering, the "National People's Congress building" has been established for the promotion of adherence to service people's congress system, NPC and its Standing Committee exercise the functions at all levels of service for the rule of law services for the building of socialist democracy and legal services office Journal of purpose. Under the guidance of this purpose, after more than ten years unremitting efforts, "the NPC building" has become a propaganda Henan Province People's Congress system and the democratic legal system is an important position. She formed the "Parade of authority", "monitor vertical and horizontal," "Legislation and Practice", "on behalf of charisma", "observation and thinking," "Investigative Journalism", "even the heart of Bridge River," "Law Court Observation Team" Research and Exploration "When a large number of sections has its own characteristics, promote the people's congress system development and continuous improvement: advocacy at all levels of the local people's congresses and their standing committees of Henan Province for the protection of the Constitution, laws and regulations implemented in the administrative area the hardships and hard work pay: advocacy at all levels of deputies involved in the management of state affairs, in consideration of a vote, survey, inspection, appraisal, asked questions to demonstrate their sense of responsibility and mission to: promote the local people's congresses and their standing committees in local legislation, the NPC supervision, appointment and dismissal of cadres and the exercise of the right decisions on major issues such as new experience achieved in the area and brilliant results. She has published articles in the NPC Standing Committee organized the "propaganda people's congress system is good news," award, "National People's Congress press good new leap" Award winning national awards in more than 20 times; in the "promotion of Henan Province People's Congress system is good news "in more than 130 awards, winning numerous awards: The" People's Daily "," Legal Daily "," NPC "," NPC News Guide "," People's Daily China's National People's Congress asked the new "Web site and other newspapers reprinted articles more than 100 articles. In 2001, the province appraisal journal, the "National People's Congress building," Since it began, for the first time into the ranks of the journal in Henan Province. With digital technology, multimedia technology and network technology, June 2001, "National People's Congress building" has also established a website, opening an e-mail. With the expansion of Web space, "the NPC building" will achieve diversification of services, information technology fast. Cut in the new leaders at all levels under the care of younger brother in the history of newspaper readers and colleagues in the care and support, "the NPC building" will be held to the responsibilities of history, in promoting the people's congress system, promotion of democracy and legal system on this position , bearing in mind the purpose of Three Represents, and redouble our efforts and move on. (Translated by machine.)